Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Bay St. Louis

Last week, the boys and I packed up our stuff and headed to Bay St. Louis for a little R&R. We were lucky enough to have a great place to stay and fun friends to join us.

We arrived just before sunset and hightailed it to the beach before the last bit of light was gone.


The water is quite shallow and calm.

And due to the heat? Tide? Proximity to the bay? There were lots and lots of jellyfish!

Some of us were less excited about the jellyfish than others!

After some splashing about, we went to The Blind Tiger for some seafood. (Not sure what is happening in this shot.)

Then it was back to the house for some back patio relaxing.

Tuesday, we slept in a bit, had a nice breakfast at the house, and then went back for more beaching.

Surprisingly, Satchel, who told me he wasn't even going to put on his swimsuit, was way more of a trooper than Jiro. (He got spooked by the jellyfish.) Satchel and I walked out as far as we could, looked for cool stuff on the beach, and made sand castles.


Kylia was also a trooper.

I didn't mind having a buddy under the umbrella.

After a few hours, we went back to the house. We let the kids do their thing and the adults went back to the Blind Tiger for some World Cup and Bushwackers! Launa and I were super excited to learn that there was an outdoor bar. The US v Germany game was intense and super fun to watch.

Wednesday was much of the same, but we found a section of beach that was less popular with the jellies. And everyone else!


Jiro was a little more participatory.

Back at the house we made an early dinner and the kids had a rousing game of Monopoloy.


Then Launa and I went back to the Blind Tiger to watch the Japan v. England game. It was rainy so we had to sit inside, but it was still fun. Oh, and Aimee said we had to try the loaded fries, so we did.

We watched a movie back at the house and then hit the hay.

By Thursday, the kids were beached out, so we split up. Launa took her girls shopping and I took the boys for a drive across the bridge. There wasn't much to do in Pass Christian, so we went to Shaggy's to enjoy the patio and a snack. A snack for Satchel was the 20 oz ribeye.

Jiro and I had daiquiris. (His was virgin, at least we think so!)

Back in Bay St. Louis, the kids wanted to check out the playground down the street. (It had a sprayground too, but they deemed themselves too old.)

We kicked the soccer ball around for a bit, but the heat was eventually too much for us.

Satchel and I ran some errands to procure dinner necessities like olive oil and shrimp. There was actually a pretty darn authentic NY style pizza place called Brooklyn Pizzaria (or something), so we grabbed a pizza too. Somehow it escaped my lens! I think we wanted to eat it more than we wanted to photograph it. Yum!

After dinner, we headed back to the beach to shoot off some early fireworks. The kids of course loved it! And I somehow took no pictures! But here's a nice evening shot...

Friday morning we cleaned up, packed up, and hit the road to Nola! More on that to come. I'll leave you with this ginormous grasshopper that was in the front yard.

A super big thanks to Aimee and her mom, Martha, for hooking us up in BSL!

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