Friday, July 24, 2015

Blue Hair

I have always secretly wanted to dye my hair blue--like real blue, not old lady grey haired blue. So when Jiro started asking me about dying his hair blue I wasn't exactly opposed to it. I strung him along for a few weeks thinking he'd eventually drop the idea, but he didn't.

Having never actually dyed my own hair, I didn't feel qualified to do it myself at home. No way did I want to be the target if he hated it!

So, I enlisted the help of a professional, Ms. Holly Woods. She's at Paggio's, right by Warren's house. Here's the play by play...







He was SO happy. Holly did a great job.


When we went to get Satchel, I thought for sure he would want to get his done next. When I asked him he said, "Yeah. Can I dye it brown?"

1 comment:

janiam said...

I remember Holly from US Male forever ago.

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