Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Rock-n-Romp Recap

Despite some rain on Thursday (or was it Friday?), we ended up with beautiful weather for the second Rock-n-Romp of the season. The show was hosted by Wendy Sumner and Kalki Winter, who you may or may not know from the Midtown Artist Market. They graciously opened up their gorgeous backyard to about 150 fellow parents and their kids. These two never stopped smiling.

When I saw how nice and landscaped their yard was, I worried that it would totally be destroyed, but thankfully there was no major damage!!

As if great weather and a great yard weren't enough, we had two incredible bands and an awesome DJ.

The Warble was first up and they really got the show off to a great start. They were unlike any band I've ever heard--totally original. They were responsible for the whimsical Rock-n-Romp poster design and were just as creative with their lyrics (and outfits!).

The kids were quite taken with them. The boy on the right cracked me up. He had a perplexed look on his face, but every few seconds, he'd bend his knees and dance along with the music.

When not listening to the music, the kids kept busy with the usual tattoo offerings, bubbles, and the ever popular banging wall.

It seemed like we had a wave of folks come around 3:15pm (due to naptime maybe?), which was great, but they all missed out on the magic that was The Warble!

Next up was Giant Bear, "the world’s only five-piece Orchestral Funkabilly band," who just got national distribution for their latest CD. After one song, I could see why. They were absolutely top notch.

Jeff White, who plays guitar & banjo, and does vocals, had his son nearby to accompany him on the "bubble guitar."

The kids (and parents) really responded to Giant Bear, and I was happy to see some real live dancing going on.

Satchel and Jiro took a turn with my camera and I was very impressed when I saw some of their pictures. This one was by Satchel, and is probably the best picture of me and Jiro that I have!

Jiro took this one of Warren and Satchel (and his buddy JP), which is equally as cute.

I was happy to see lots of Rock-n-Romp regulars, as well as some new faces. There were kids from the boys' school, a fellow urban anthropologist, one of the fastest jammers in the derby, and even a co-worker of mine in attendance!

What can I say...Rock-n-Romp just keeps getting better and better. Stay tuned for details on our July 21st show, which is guaranteed to be our biggest show yet! The hosts' bakyard is MASSIVE and we have three bands scheduled, so plan to bring a new friend and their kids to the next show!

For more pictures, check out our Flickr set.

To get on the RnR guestlist or send feedback, please email memphisrocknromp@gmail.com.

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