Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Big News

In the Spring of 2005 Warren suggested screening in our back deck to give us more room in our house, which seemed to be shrinking. I envisioned a place to sit on the glider and drink beer with friends. Warren saw a place to store more tools. It was presented to the monkeys as a future playroom. Warren said he thought it would take him about six weeks to complete.

A little over two years later I am overjoyed to announce that THE DECK IS DONE! Wooooohoooooo!! Now, "deck" is really a misnomer. So is "screened-in porch." It's something between a screened-in porch and an addition. It is waaaaaay beyond what I pictured when Warren started this project.

It's beautiful.

Warren worked really hard on it. Really hard. Sometimes I felt like he was working too hard. There were many days that I tried to convince him to hire someone to help, or to finish up. There were also days that I really wished that he's just stop working and come play with me and the monkeys. And many many days recently when I wished that he would just do the bare minimum and just GET IT DONE. But he would have none of that. Warren simply isn't wired to half ass things. Even when he knew we wouldn't be around to enjoy it, he still insisted on making it perfect.

Considering we spent all day Monday loading up a U-Haul with the contents of Warren's shed and closet, he didn't get to realize his dream of storing tools there.

I did, however, get to have my friends come over (for about fifteen minutes) and share a beer (one PBR between the six of us, poured into styrogfoam cups) with me. Had I not just loaded a U-Haul and carried ten tons of old wood to the curb, I might have had a speech prepared a la The Admiral. Maybe I would have even remembered to take pictures!

When we took the monkeys to see the finished product, they wasted no time breaking in their playroom.

It's a masterpiece. I wish that we had actually kept up with all the receipts from Lowe's and Home Depot and logged the hours Warren spent working.

Actually, maybe it's best that we didn't.

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Anonymous said...

Well 6 weeks are 1,680 hours--by my reckoning I got it done in less than half the estimated time.

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