Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Really Big News

Okay, some of you may have guessed this from my last post, but remember that cute little house on Court Avenue I told you about?

It's SOLD!

WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!! We got the offer about 5 weeks ago and have been holding our breath waiting for the final inspection, termite letter, title search, etc. to go through. Today we finally got to exhale.

We had a busy last few days finishing up the deck, cleaning out the yard, etc. and haven't had time to really process the fact that we just sold our very first house. The house where we decided to make babies. The house where we grew those babies and then birthed them. The house where they took their first steps and said their first words.


We took the monkeys to say goodbye to their "old house" on Tuesday night. Satchel asked me, "Who's going to live in our house now?"

"A nice lady," I said.

"An old lady?" he asked.

"No, she's not an old lady. I think she's probably younger than I am."

"Does she have a family?"


"She's going to live there all by herself?" he asked.

"No, she's going to have a friend live with her," I said.

"A friend?" he asked puzzled.

"Yeah," I said. "Sometimes before people get married they live with their friends."

I could see his mind spinning as he thought about how awesome it would be to live with one of his friends--probably JP.

"Are they going to share germs?" he asked. "Like kiss and eat off of the same plate?"

I laughed and said, "Well, I don't know about the kissing, but I guess they might eat off the same plate."

I don't know if my answer made the idea of living with his friends seem even better or worse.

"Is the lady going to let us come over and play in the playroom?" he asked.

"Probably not," I said.

"Aw, man!" he exclaimed like a teenager.

Finally, we all stood in the spot in the bedroom where the monkeys were both born and I tried to explain how special the spot was. (They don't quite understand that most people aren't born in their parents' bedroom.) I told them to pose for a picture and Satchel immediately balled up on the floor in an attempt to re-enact his entrance into the world, which I found quite adorable.

I had to remind him that he came out with both hands next to his head as though he wasn't quite sure about what he'd find. He quickly corrected his pose.

It was a good house. We had some good times there. Seeing it all clean and sparkly with a new screened in porch makes me want to move back in!

Okay, not really.

In the words of the monkeys, "Bye bye house!"


Stephanie said...

Leaving your first house really is huge- I got teary eyed Tuesday night, thinking about how hard it must be for you to say good-bye and how hard it will be for us to do someday.

Kaleigh said...

We left our first house, where we lived when we got married, where the kids were almost born, where they took their first steps, etc., two years ago.

I still stalk the house. The new owners have made some big changes, and it's amazing how the kids have responded so strongly to that. (Okay, I responded strongly as well.)

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

My daughters and I have lived so many places that we became used to being vagabonds and always looking forward to a fresh start and new adventures.

However, I know that doesn't work for everyone. Guess it depends on how you approach it.

Melissa said...

You made me teary.

Congratulations on the sale!

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