Sunday, July 15, 2007

What Next?

Warren hadn't been done with the "deck" for ten minutes when he unleashed his plan to extend our new front porch out six feet and over twelve more. Holding back tears, I said, "Can we do a few small projects first?"

Thankfully, he agreed.

We went directly from the closing to our house, got out a pen and paper, and then went room by room discussing our ideas for small projects.

I present to you:

The List of Projects for the House We Bought Because It Didn't Need Any Work

1. Purchase some sort of organizer for keys, mail, etc. ("Telephone cubby")
2. Replace light fixture

1. Paint the walls an undetermined color
2. Put in a sheet metal back splash
3. Install shades on front windows
4. Install small LED lights under cabinets
5. Find new scuff free covering for island/breakfast bar

Dining Room
1. Purchase diningroom table and chairs
2. Paint the walls an undetermined color
3. Purchase two comfy chairs and a small table for lounging
4. Possibly add some bookshelves
5. Possibly add a bench or buffet
6. Install programmable thermostat
7. Purchase window coverings

Living Room
1. Add ceiling fan (move fixture to entry way)
2. Build modular bookshelves
3. Purchase sofa, two chairs, coffee table, entertainment center, & rug

Master Bedroom
1. Purchase headboard, night tables, dresser/entertainment unit, & rug
2. Install window covering
3. Possibly add a few modular bookcases
4. Possibly move computer to bedroom

Master Bath
1. Get rid of horrible sink and put in a (*fingers crossed*) double sink
2. Install medicine cabinet, maybe two
3. Replace and relocate all fixtures
4. Change light fixture
5. Add shower door
6. Add shelving to closet unit/purchase chester drawers

Boys' Room
1. Paint some shade of blue, possibly with a chalkboard wall
2. Build shelves in closet and on south wall
3. Purchase bunk beds/bedding
4. Move lightswitch so it is near door rather than closet

Boys'/Guest Bath
1. Paint an undetermined color
2. Add curtain rod, shower curtain
3. Replace and relocate fixtures

Laundry Room
1. Build shelves
2. Create some sort of "mud room"

Back Deck
1. Build partial covering
2. Move stairs

Misc Backyard
1. Purchase doghouse
2. Add faucet for hose

1. Build workbench
2. Repair electrical
3. Suspend canoe from ceiling
4. Make single door into double door
5. Add automatic door opener on north side
6. Clean/repair existing shelves, build new ones
7. Hang bikes
8. Purchase craftsman tool organizer

Studio/Guest House
1. Install plumbing
2. Insulate walls
3. Hang drywall/sheet rock
4. Bamboo floors
5. Small kitchen
6. Small bathroom
7. Purchase platform bed and tatami mats
8. Rewire electric
9. Paint
10. A million other things I'm sure

Saturday Warren started cleaning and repairing the existing shelves in the garage. I weeded the front and side flower beds and trimmed the errant weeds along the side fence. (A 5 hour undertaking!) Then I fantasized about the day when I'd have dimensions and a color scheme to fully take advantage of the design tools at Flor. Today, we played mostly, but Warren did get the programmable thermostat installed, Al.


Anonymous said...

OMFG. I married one of those too. I'd actually like to help him someday, but my current ongoing home improvement project is keeping the kids from destroying the place.

Anonymous said...

If you guys ever come to visit, i'll be happy to put M to work.

Memphisotan said...

That list makes my stomach hurt.

Stephanie said...

I made a list exactly like this when we got serious about putting the house on the market. What a great idea to do it when you move in, rather than when you move out!

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