Monday, December 07, 2015


File this under self-indulgent.

Ever since the Cooper-Young 4-miler, I started getting a little more serious about running. Some friends and I decided to sign up for Wade's Big Adventure, which is an 8 mile trail race at Shelby Farms. We spent several weeks running the trails on the weekends and on race day we totally kicked ass. I mean we did't win or anything, but we had fun and we felt strong. We'd all signed up for Sylamore in February and planned to once again double our distance (4->8->16.).


Since the race was on a Sunday, I also had a soccer game that day. I didn't feel tired, but my brain was not communicating with my body in the way that it normally does. I had a total freak accident that resulted in me crushing my own foot. After several X-rays and finally an MRI, it was determined that I broke my first metatarsal.

Yep, broken again. It's actually been a good 9 years since I broke my leg in three, and 25 (!) since my ACL surgery. And compared to those two injuries, this is nothing. (I hope.)

When I moved into the Pie Factory, I kinda had a feeling I'd be tackling these stairs on crutches some day.


Thankfully the crutches only lasted about ten days.

Also, please note I got a pedicure ASAP. Even better, Kristy crocheted me some toe covers for my cast.


Being in a cast has severely cramped my style. I was running three times a week, doing yoga twice a week, and playing soccer. Now I can't even stand at my desk. It's frustrating as hell. But I haven't let it totally ruin me. I still made it to New Orleans for Thanksgiving weekend (more on that later. maybe!) and I am trying to look on the bright side.

The Bright Side

1. At least it's my left foot, so I can still drive.
2. I got to take three days off to convalesce which resulted in getting to watch every episode of "The Master of None."
3. The kids have learned to carry their own shit.
4. When I met the Mayor-elect, I got to make a joke about Chuck Brady running me over.
5. According to the pedicure dude, I have a cool story. "At least you didn't fall in a hole," he said.
6. Strangers talk to me, a lot. "I told you not to kick the dog," they say. "We aren't getting any younger," they remind me. "You were watching soccer or playing soccer?" they ask. (Ok maybe this one belongs on a different list!)

I'm four weeks in, and hopefully transitioning to a boot soon. I so want to scratch my ankle.

Wish me luck. I haven't given up on Sylamore yet.

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