Sunday, February 18, 2007

S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Saturday Niiiight

That title is to the tune of the Bay City Rollers.

So here's what I learned at the second monkeyless convergence.

1. Evergreen is in desperate need of a proper (proper as in seedy) bar.
2. I should have my crutches on hand the next time I sneak out in 30 degree weather to take a big puff of a Nat Sherman.
3. Chances are if a party of eight can get reservations at 7pm on a Saturday night at 5pm, there's a reason.
4. A "tender as the night" filet and a scoop of rock hard ice cream rolled in sweet cocoa can make up for being on the rag, receiving horrible service, and even being interrupted in the middle of a truly fascinating story.
5. RJA is not going to help me write a letter to Al Gore to convince to run for President.
6. The Admiral's driver's license and my bionic leg will prevent this group from ever successfully smuggling anything questionable through airport security.
6. There's something about Chip that says, "I'm ordering one bottle of wine for the entire table." (Oh and "I'm paying!")
7. Kristy, Steph, and I look hot with our hair straightened.
8. Andria is actually quite chatty.
9. The Coach and Four can really pack em in.
10. Just talking about someone that you haven't seen in years (in Memphis anyway) can make them magically appear.


Chip said...

I have to say I agree with #3. You ever have those meals that are fun and stuff because you have a good time, and then later you start thinking about how bad the meal/service really was?

Secret Agent Mom said...

You know, most people actually consider the absence of a seedy bar in their neighborhood to be a positive thing. (Multiple adventurers have tried to open one in the same location just down the street, but the building has, in a blazing storm of irony, now become an AA meeting center.)

naomi said...

There is too a seedy bar in Evergreen! It has everything: buckets of cheap beer, a menu that's way better than Marena's, loud music, half-nekkid partyers, an adorable baby...

Oooops, sorry. That's just my house.

ali said...

Stacey - Thanks for adding my fledgling blog to your longest-list-of-the-century. It has turned out to be a cyst, I am banned because I spend too much money, and there's no picture of me because I don't look as good as a gourd as you do. Or that because I'm always the one with the camera... anyway, thanks.

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