Saturday, November 24, 2007


Cold weather seriously puts a damper on Team Oster's activities. We've been forced indoors!

Yesterday we went to the Zoo, at Satchel's request. (He got the long end of the wishbone.) There was a little sun so it wasn't too bad, but we spent the majority of our visit in the Herpetarium, Aquarium, and Bird House. The snakes were unusually active, as were the swimming turtles. And believe it or not, I didn't even realize there was a bird house! Seriously, I've walked past it a million times. It's actually quite awesome.

To carry on with our "animal" theme, we went to see The Bee Movie at Paradiso. I really hate going anywhere other than Studio on the Square, but they don't always run the kid movies. The one thing I do like about Paradiso is the booster seats. It makes it much easier for the monkeys to actually sit still and pay attention. The movie was okay--I think the whole "lawsuit" concept was a little hard for the monkeys to grasp. The parents probably got more of the jokes than the kids did. Warren and Jiro fell asleep, but Satchel and I made it to the end.

Today, in keeping with my "I'm a Team Player" mentality, I suggested we go to the Pink Palace and check out the planetarium show. (Warren is always wanting to go to the Pink Palace.) The kids really loved the exhibits--dinosaurs, mammals, fossils, early American artifacts, Native American artifacts, etc. They breezed through the displays at lightening speed, so I'm pretty sure we could go back tomorrow and still see a lot of new things.

I had high hopes for the planetarium show, Our Place in Space, but it was pretty disappointing. Although geared for the K-3 crowd, it was a little "babyish" and scored very low on the "Whoa!" scale. They have another show on Autumn constellations that may be more exciting. We couldn't convince the monkeys to try a second round. (They were much more interested in checking out the gift shop.)

I fear we may have to go to the Children's Museum tomorrow. Hopefully Dick has it in tip top shape these days.

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