Tuesday, September 28, 2010


All pictures by Chip Chockley unless otherwise noted.


On Saturday we had a Rock-n-Romp at the Mid-South Corn Maze. I'll admit that I was skeptical of our usual crowd making the drive to east Memphis, but thanks to the nice weather, they came out in droves. Woohoo!


On the bill were the Memphis Dawls, Cotton & Coal, and Devil Train. All of whom rocked the field. I saw lots of kids dancing and hooping to the music and overall, I think it was one of our best shows.

It was certainly the first time Satchel and Jiro have gone to a Rock-n-Romp and never once complained about being bored.

Satchel went through the maze with one of his besties and his bestie's siblings. It took them about 30 minutes. Warren and Jiro, with the aid of Warren's smart phone and a picture of the maze, returned in 40.


Satchel also very much enjoyed shooting corn through the corn gun in an attempt to win gift certificates to local eateries. But the winning attraction of the day was the jumping pillow. Jiro asked me to watch him, and watch him I did. He started off timid, but eventually got involved in playing push and shove (and pounce) with the older boys. And, yes, I sent the Corn Cop over to talk to them!


At the end of the show, I had the great idea for a board photo. The talented Sophorn McRae just happened to be there to capture us before we all injured ourselves.

Once I was on the pillow, the kids insisted I jump with them again and again. It was really fun, but a little scary too. Scary in the I hope my bionic leg holds up way, I guess. And I was just jumping. My braver cohorts were doing stunts like this.


By the time we finally left, the sun was setting and we got to drive back to the safety of Midtown with this incredible view.


Thanks to everyone who pitched in to make the event such a success! See our official recap here.

The next RnR is Saturday, November 6th at the Metal Museum, 2-5pm.

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Lainey-Paney said...

How fun!!!!

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