Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Boat Cruise Part 1

For whatever reason, Warren likes to refer to the cruise as "The Boat Cruise." I think it's cute. For part one, we look at life on the boat, which by all accounts seems to have been pretty nice. Also, keep in mind this is all second hand information.

First of all, there was unlimited food. The kids totally milked it.

Hamburger by the pool? yes, please.


French fries for dinner? Why not! (They call this picture "French fry face." Apparently they saw a lot of French fry face.)


Hot wings anyone?


The only thing better than French fries for dinner is Fruit Loops with chocolate milk on a silver platter in bed.


And no need to eat just one dessert, that's for sure.


There is also a picture of Satchel asleep next to this same plate, only it's empty. It must be on Warren's phone.

When they weren't eating, there was lots to do. Looks like the pool was super fun.



And Jiro playing shuffleboard is pretty damn cute.


Since there are numerous pictures like this, I can only assume that admiring the ocean is pretty cool.



There was also an arcade, which they managed to not go too crazy in, judging from their final bill.


There was plenty of time to lounge and play on their DSes.


Every night there was entertainment and I have heard several stories about a magician and a comedian.

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