Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fall Soccer Wrap Up

The Evergreen 3-4th graders finished their season on Nov. 3rd with a win over Christ the King. We finished the season with a very respectable 4-2-1 record.

Evergreen 3rd 4th Soccer Fall 2012 serious

Have you ever seen a better looking bunch of soccer players? I haven't! We had a big party the next day at the Evergreen playground in conjunction with the other 3-4th grade team. There was pizza, cupcakes, adult beverages, and a super fun Parents vs. Kids game.

Then we split up to do awards. I was tasked with saying something nice about each player. I had no problem since all of our players were awesome in their own way. Of course Jiro was not happy with what I said about him. I was skating a fine line between going overboard or not giving enough accolades. Note to self: go overboard next time.


Then Coach Carlos had everyone take a shot on him, which really was a much more daunting task.


It was such a great season. All of the players really advanced. It was a shame to have to say goodbye to everyone just as we were getting in the groove. Hopefully they will all come back in the Spring and be ready to go! Carlos and I were still smiling at the end of it all so what more could we ask for?


Satchel's team also had their last game on Nov. 3rd, but sadly ended with a loss to the Evergreen 5-6th grade team, which they had previously beaten. Their overall record was an amazing 6-2-0.


Because I missed so many games, I don't even know the names of all of Satchel's teammates! Devastating. But, look at this guy!


Satchel's team party was this past Saturday, and it was really, really fun. The parents at 2PC take their Parents vs. Kids game VERY seriously. Everyone (except me, because I thought it was a joke) had on a white shirt with "Parents" written on it, shorts, and athletic shoes. A few people even had on cleats and shinguards. We played two 20 minute periods and it was intense. There's another mom who used to play--left wing in fact--and since I played right wing, well you can just imagine how much fun we had.

The parents were winning by 5-2 near the end, but the kids thought it was 4-2, so we let them. They were actually getting a little despondent, so Coach Chris and Coach Kyle played with them until it was tied up 4-4. To break the tie we went to a shoot out where the kids shot on the parent and then vice versa. It was hilarious. Then we ate fried chicken and had awards. Satchel won the Grit & Grind award. Yay!


Jiro played in the game too and impressed the coaches enough that they were trying to steal him away from me in the Spring! I'm not so sure about that, but we'll see. For now, I'm focused on getting an indoor winter league together. Stay tuned!

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