Monday, November 05, 2012


On Saturday, we had an amazing Rock-n-Romp in Overton Park near Rainbow Lake. Now that the restrooms are operational, it is a near perfect spot! We had great weather, great bands, and a great turnout.

At the last show, all of Team Oster escaped Chip's lens, so I challenged him to get us this time, and he came through in spades. Posting here for posterity.

Jiro supervising the unloading of water coolers from my car.


Three fourths of the team. Warren and Satchel rode their bikes over. Could Satchel look more grown up???


Warren helping out with the beer.


Me, Jiro, Alex (from soccer, standing in for Satchel) and Warren. Not sure what Warren was doing with his beard here.


Jiro, Alex, and a another soccer/RnR Camp buddy coming back from the playground.


And finally, Jiro snapping! Freaking cute.


It was super fun. You can see the official recap here. The rest of Chip's pics are here.

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