Monday, June 10, 2013

Dragonfly Tri

Just three weeks after the Memphis in May tri, I went ahead and signed up for the Dragonfly tri. I waited until the bitter end because the Dragonfly freakes me out. It's considerably longer than Memphis in May. The swim is twice as long (800m), the bike ride is 6 miles longer (18 miles) and the run is a mile longer, half of it on trails (4 miles).

This is where being on a team comes in. They make it easier to step outside your comfort zone!

Because I love my team so much, I went ahead and planned a nice carbo laoding dinner for us the night before at Aldo's Pizza downtown. It's one of my lunch time faves and Aldo is a sweetheart. There were about 16 of us and it was good to spend time together to tamp down the inevitable pre-race nerves.

No one took our picture, and I didn't even get a food shot. I did however take a picture of my beer! It's the new High Cotton saison. Whoa boy, it was strong! I only had one.


After dinner, I took ice cream to Ashley & Dan (Dan just had surgery for a soccer injury) and then hit the sack. Only I couldn't sleep! Warren suggested I try one of his Ambien, so I did. Thankfully, I set two alarms because otherwise I probably wouldn't have woken up. Thankfully Ashley picked me up, because I literally could not keep my eyes open on the way to Sardis!

Takeaway--the night before a race is not the time to try a new sleep aid! Thankfully I was awake by race time.


For the first time ever, I got in the water before the race to see how it felt. The water was super cold at Memphis in May and went into shock upon entry. I didn't want a repeat of that! The water was cool, but not nearly as cold as at Memphis in May. It was wetsuit legal though.

The swim went well and I got out of the water almost 3 minutes faster than last year!


Swim 20:42 (prev 23:59) 

My only goal for the bike was to drink water while riding. I know that sounds silly, but in all of the past races I've been to nervous to take my hands off of the handlebars! And every time it kicks me in the ass because I am super dehydrated by the time I get to the run. So I am happy to report that I drank nearly an entire bottle of water! I was two minutes faster.

Bike 1:05 (prev 1:07)

Turns out that drinking the water kept me hydrated, but it also made me have to stop at the portapotty at the beginning of the run! I blaming that for my time actually being slower than last year. Overall the runw as great--I had to do a little walking, but I found a nice gal to chat with for the last mile or so and it helped me finish strong.

Run 50:16 (prev 46:54)

Both of my transition times were slower and I ended up with a time that was actually a tiny bit faster than last year! Yay. Overall: 2:19:25 (prev 2:20:34)

I tell ya, there is nothing as awesome as finishing a race. I love when it is over!


See? Happy!


Then to top things off, I ended up with a second place finish in the Athena category!


It's actually quite crazy that I now have THREE awards from TRIATHLONS. Whatever!

On to the over-rewarding! Ashley and I drove straight to Buon Cibo in Hernando to pig out.


Elapsed Time: 2:19:15.19
Swim: 20:42.56
Swim Pace: 2:35/100M
TA 1: 1:55.53
Bike: 1:05:18.96
Bike Pace: 16.53 mph
TA 2: 1:01.75
Run: 50:16.37
Run Pace: 12:34/mile

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