Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mighty Mite

I was really dreading the Mighty Mite this year. Maybe because it was so hot last year? Maybe because the two different transition areas are 13 miles apart? Maybe because I've just been lazy?

Well forwhatever reason, I wasn't excited, but I signed up anyway. And guess what? I won! Well, I won 1st place in the Athena category.


That's right, I got a certificate and $20!

I really hadn't thought I did so hot, but the field has narrowed this year. Looking at my times from last year, I was almost exactly the same, maybe slightly faster. Only last year I was no where near first place.

Regardless, I'll take it. Yay!

Elapsed Time: 1:40:37.17

Swim: 14:17.75
Swim Pace: 2:40/100M
TA 1: 1:28.56
Bike: 50:24.62
Bike Pace: 15.47 mph
TA 2: 0:46.52
Run: 33:39.70
Run Pace: 11:13/mile

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Christina said...

This is gorgeous!

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