Thursday, November 21, 2013

Gigi's Birthday

On Friday, my mom, most commonly known as Gigi, turned 75. To celebrate, the monkeys and I took her to Restaurant Iris. Neither my mom or the monkeys had been before, so it was pretty exciting. I'll detail it in full over on my other blog, but it was fantastic!


On Saturday, the monkeys and I went to Gigi's house along with my sisters and their signifcant others and children to eat crabs. Growing up we'd often get crates of boiled crabs shipped in from New Orleans and spend hours around the table eating them.


I really don't understand why this is my only picture, but it is.

Jiro wasn't interested in the crabs, so he ate Panchos cheese dip & chips instead. Satchel had a few claws, but he's still recovering from the giant Alaskan crab he ate over the summer. I didn't mind that they didn't want any crabs because that meant more for me! They'll come around.

The kids played Blokus while the adults ate. And ate. And ate.


My mom loves ladybugs, and the boys and I got her the cutest cake ever.


Seriously--look how cute!


We took a break from celebrating on Sunday, unless you count watching O35 soccer a celebration.

Monday we were back in Germantown to finish off the crabs and the birthday cake!

It was a very delicious birthday and I'm hoping for many, many more! Happy birthday, Gigi!

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