Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Meet Satsuki

Right around the one month mark, when the vet deemed our house safe for a new pup, I saw this picture of "Goldie" on the Friends of the Memphis Animal Services Facebook page.


She was in the stray area and didn't have any chance of adoption unless someone came and requested her fast! I showed Warren her picture and he instantly fell in love too. Unfortunately neither of us could get there before the shleter closed on Friday. I called and promised to come get her on Saturday, and thankfully she was still there.

We all got to hang out with her and get to now her for a bit, but it only took about a minute to decide to adopt her.


She was a little scared but super, super sweet.

She needed to get spayed and vaccinated, so we had to say goodbye until Wednesday when she was ready to get picked up. (In the interim, we bleached the house, removed carpets, bought her a new bed, collar, toys, etc. and just generally tried to make sure her environment was as safe as possible.)


We named her Satsuki after a character from one of our favorite movies, My Neighbor Totoro. It's pronounced "Satski" (the U is silent). It also means "hope" and "happiness" in Japanese. (It's also the name for the month of May, the longest month, in Japanese, but that's not relevant!)

Despite the fact that no one is looking at the camera, I think you can see how smitten everyone was with her from the very start.


Satsuki is a very good girl.


She already knew how to sit and learned to shake in about two seconds. She's not too much of a chewer and sleeps through the night without soiling her crate.

We have a little potty training to do, but all in all, she is nearly perfect in every way. It does take her awhile to get used to new people.

She hasn't gotten to go to the dog park, because we need to keep her away from other dogs for awhile, but she loves the Old Forest trails and going on walks in general.


She and the cats are getting along pretty well too.

Warren works from home now, so she has someone keeping her company almost all of the time.

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