Friday, November 08, 2013

Soccer Wrap Up

Have you ever seen a better looking group of soccer players?

evergreen 5-6 fall 2013-1
evergreen 5-6 fall 2013-3

Most of my team is pictured above. I'm not sure we ever had all 13 of them in one place at one time, but overall we had a great season. We didn't win every game, but the ones we lost we hard fought. These kids really know how to leave it all out on the field!

I had my challenges too--this age is pretty emo. At every practice we at least had some agression or tears to deal with, but we made it through. By the end, I think they all felt like a team.

To celebrate the season, we went to eat dinner in the Rhodes cafeteria (aka The Rat). I know that sounds like an odd choice but it was perfect. It's all you can eat, and it's close to Evergreen. The kids LOVED it. Never for a second did they feel like they didn't belong on a college campus. Half of them at least now plan to attend Rhodes based solely on the quality of the food. And boy did they eat! It was really fun.

This was Satchel's first visit through the line. (First of three or four!)


Of course, Jiro came along too. He was all about the desserts, natch.


After an hour the kids were still eating, but we managed to gather them all at one table in order to hand out trophies. Jiro's team hadn't gotten their trophies yet, so I grabbed his and presented it along with the others. He filled in over fall break so he was an honorary member of the team!

My awesome player parents made a donation to St. Jude on my behalf and gave Coach Haley and I each a growler of Wiseacre beer. How awesome is that?

Jiro's party coincided with Rock-n-Romp the previous Saturday, so I didn't get to go. This was the team photo I received.


As you can see, third and fourth graders present their own challenges! Jiro had a great season with Moneycycle (that was the team name). He really built his confidence and was the star defender. He also scored a couple of goals!

Wait this just in...


Jiro's Soccer Ole graduation was a week or two earlier. In the end, I think he really loved it. I still don't love the drive. Had it not been for the magic of carpooling we may not have made it!


All attempts at a serious picture with his buddy, Alex, failed.


This will be our first Saturday with no soccer in a long, long time. I'm not sure how I feel about that!

Luckily I still have three weeks of O35 and winter season for us all starts in January.

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