Thursday, November 07, 2013

More B Team Action

The junior members of the B Team don't like to be photographed. I think that's probably the biggest difference betweem them and the monkeys. Regardless, I refuse to stop trying!

We had a lovely visit, whether or not the photos prove it.

On Friday, I took the monkeys and Miles to see Ender's Game. Satchel was SO excited as he had just read the book over the summer. He actually wanted to get dressed up to go see it! He also had specific snack requests and didn't want anyone to talk to him before the movie started. Oh, he also requested we get there 30 minutes early. He is his mother's child!

Unfortunately, he was thoroughly disappointed by the movie. Those of us who had not read the book enjoyed it very much.

Then I got to try and come up with somewhere they all wanted to eat dinner. We had already had Pizza Cafe after trick or treating so I was severely handicapped. That's how we ended up at Picadilly. (Warren was forced to go along with the kids' decision.) Woohoo! Crazy Friday night at the cafeteria.


They do $1 kids meals after 4pm every day now, so honestly it was kind of a score. The kids totally snarfed theirs down. $20 for all of us to eat.

Then I attempted a family photo in the lobby. Because the lighting was so awesome. (Not.)


I have three of these shots and someone new is making a goofy face in each one. And you can see how limited I was on time by this final shot. Miles could only cooperate for about 45 seconds.


Saturday morning I had to run 13 miles, so Warren & Vanessa took the kids to the Day of the Dead celebration at the Brooks. Satchel decided to put this together and asked us all to sign it.


I know, right?

Anyways, Vanessa said the event was top notch.


Then we had some soccer games to coach/play/attend. Then it was Rock-n-Romp time! Chip got a fun picture of Vanessa.


Our friend Kristin snapped these while Warren goofed off behind the camera.


I love the way Miles tries to look like he doesn't exist. That Natasha is TOO CUTE!

After Rock-n-Romp, Vanessa and I got to have some quick girl time at the Cove. Warren was nice enough to feed the kids.


When the babysitters arrived, Vanessa & I picked up Warren for dinner & drinks at Tsunami. Then we went and had a night cap at the Beauty Shop and very nearly crashed a private karaoke party at DKDC.

We had a family sleepover and the grown ups managed to sleep until 9:00am thanks to Daylight Savings! At Jiro's request, Vanessa made pancakes. From scratch!




We had some chill time.


Then Vanessa & I took Natasha to visit the Alley-Brown compound and Warren took the boys on a bike ride.

Vanessa and I also took Natasha to Kwik Check for lunch and then brought home some sandwiches for the boys.

By then it was nearly O35 soccer time, so we called it a day.

On Monday, the kids had another playdate at the house with Warren while Vanessa & I went to yoga and then had a drink and snack at Chiwawa.

Then we had to say good-bye!!

Not sure when we will see the B team again, but Miles says he wants to come spend a week in the summer and go to Rock-n-Romp camp. I support that!

(For those of you who have made it this far and still don't know who the B team is, click here.)

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