Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ravioli Day

Thankfully the bad weather did not put a stop to Ravioli Day! My favorite day of the year! Typically the Alleys have us over prior to Thanksgiving in order to help them make 50 dozen for family, but this year they weren't traveling, so we came after Thanksgiving and helped make 50 dozen to divide among us! Woot!

I was first to arrive and Richard, Kristy, Andria, Calvin and Calvin's girlfriend (!!) were putting the finishing touches on the dough. Once a few other people arrived we got to work. I am a very serious ravioli student. I never give up my spot. I like to be a part of all 50 dozen. But Elizabeth is the boss. She tells people what they are doing right, what they are doing wrong, and whether they should go do something else.

Some of the kids like to help.


Some don't.


(The four of them were giggling hysterically. When asked what was so funny, Satchel could hardly get the words out. "We asked Siri how much Obama weighs." More giggling. "She said 175 pounds!!" I can only guess they thought that sounded like A LOT.)

Most of the adults come in and out. This was Warren's first year to actually help, I think. Maybe second?


I mean OUT. There is a little drinking of wine involved with ravioli making.


(This is Shawn saying to himself, hey I could use a nap. He was asleep soon after.)

Anyway, on to the actual ravioli making. Richard and Joshua roll out the dough then pass it around the table.


The filling, which is pre-made, gets put in first.


Don't make the balls too big!


The folding is the tricky part.


Cutting is next.


Then the final touches.


Ravioli perfection.


I only just realized that I should be leaving more room in front, like Elizabeth (pictured) does. I have made a note to self for next year.

Finally, they get boiled and then layered with gravy. OMG I love that gravy. Mmmmmm...


When it's all fixed up, we all gather round the table and eat to our hearts' content, patting ourselves on the back for a job well done!

As a special bonus this year, Elizabeth practiced her sketching while we waited for dinner.


It's amazing what she can do in just a few minutes.


Look at me!


Thanks as always to the Alleys for including us in this special day. I really do look forward to it every year! I think this was my seventh year??

Oh, and of course Chip took these pictures, not me. Thanks, Chip!

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