Monday, December 09, 2013

The Big Race that Wasn't

So as everyone knows, the St. Jude marathon (including the half) didn't happen on Saturday as planned due to severe weather which rendered the course unsafe.

I think it was the right call, but it was a total bummer.

Typically when asked, I say that I don't really care about racing, that I prefer training. "It's just nice to have a goal," I say. This year, due to a couple of soccer injuries, my running has been more difficult than ever. I hadn't planned to break any personal records over the weekend, but I still looked forward to participating. Having signed up to be a hero for the first time ever and subsequently raising $2500, I already felt like a winner.


Ashley, Shannon and I went downtown as planned on Friday and attended the expo, "Ask the Coaches" panel, and then went out for pizza. (Ashley & Shannon even very optimistically laid out their clothes for the next day.)

We were about halfway through our meal when we started getting the texts and emails with the official cancellation. None of us was surprised, but it defnitely took the wind out of our sails. We watched as all of the tables around us received the news, and tried to find a silver lining.

We could still run the course. Many others would for sure. However, it was going to be 20 degrees and really freaking cold. Shannon had been battling a stomach bug all week and Ashley had a head cold. Maybe sleeping in might actually be a better decision?

We went over to the Brass Door for a couple of pints, ran into a few friends, and had a lovely time. Then we went back to the hotel and watched a movie on TV. It was all good.

Then saturday morning rolled around. Shannon went home because she took a turn for the worse, as did Ashley, just because she had stuff to do. But me? I didn't have anything to do! (That never happens!) I had a room for the weekend and planned to race, cheer on other runners, have lunch with my running buddies, rest, and then go to a party held by our running coach.

Sleeping in was nice, though really, really anti-climactic.

St. Jude is by far my favorite race (though I don't have too many to compare it to). The course is amazing, and I love running through the St. Jude campus. There are always tons of people out cheering, and there is nothing like crossing the finish line at Redbird's Stadium. I realized I actually do like racing. I missed not racing. I missed the feeling of accomplishment the most.

But this year, it just wasn't meant to be. I'm glad I raised the money and there's always next year, right?

A big thank you to Warren for keeping the kids & dog happy, fed & entertained so I could still enjoy the weekend and have a much needed break. (When I got home Sunday morning, Jiro asked, "Did you have fun on your trip?")


And another big thank you to Max & Marlinee for getting me out of bed and entertaining me all afternoon & evening! Drinks at Hog & Hominy, dinner at The Second Line and an impromptu birthday party for Wendy was just what the doctor ordered!


Next up for me is the Sylamore 25K trail run mid-February (!!) and then the Little Rock half in early March. Time to get back out there and do some training!

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