Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Father's Day

Sundays are generally busy due to O35 soccer and whatnot, plus we had the B Team arriving, so we had an early Father's day celebration on Saturday at the Brooks.

We started off at the Brushmark, where my pal, Abby, has recently taken over as head chef. She hasn't done a total menu makeover yet, so I am saving an official review for later. Warren was quite pleased with his lunch--a burger, naturally.


Then we went down to check out the Art of Video Games exhibit.


It was very interactive and included a giant Pac Man game.


(It moved really slow and reset the high score each game, so I didn't get sucked in.)

Overall I think everyone was impressed, so I definitely recommend it. I thought it would be more arty than it was, so I was happy to see that the last room contained some cool murals and painted arcade games. And tehy allow photos!


On Sunday, Warren got to spend most of the day with all FOUR of his babies, which was pretty cool. He brought them to my soccer game, which was a nice surprise.


Tasha was calling Satchel her tree, which was adorbs.

More on the B Team visit and Rock-n-Romp Camp to come.

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