Monday, December 19, 2011

The School Program

Evergreen Montessori is pretty well known for its annual Christmas/Holiday program. It's typically an all out affair. You may recall the year that Warren spent hours making Jiro an Ox costume, or even last year's Alien rock band performance.

Well, this year the parents requested that we have less choreography and more actual singing. The teachers obliged and soon, Satchel and Jiro were both home complaining of having to sing. Well, Satchel both complained, and practiced incessantly. In fact, he even practiced the songs that the younger children were performing. One morning, while eating breakfast he was lamenting over his line for the elementary's rendition of the Huron Carol. I said, "Let's hear it," and he started merrily singing, "Jesus your King is born, Jesus is born, in excelsis gloria."

I could literally hear my dad rolling over in his grave. "Uh, there another line you could sing instead?" I asked. Then we had the whole, "Jews believe Jesus was a great man, but not that he was the son of G-d," discussion.

I went to the school and talked with the director. She knows I am a pain in the ass. We reviewed the lyrics to the whole song and I basically just had to kindly request that they sit out of that particular song.

Now, I should say that Evergreen Montessori has no religious affiliation and that the theme of the program was "Christmastime around the world." The elementary students picked their own songs, and there was no Jesus agenda. But, it was too much. For me, anyway. Warren thought I was being a hypocrite, but I told him to shut up.

So, in the end, Satchel and Jiro were in one song about a baby donkey called El Burrito. They sang and played instruments--in their regular clothes, I should add. On the morning of the program, Satchel said to me, "Oh! I remembered what we're supposed to wear! Black and white."

They got off so easy this year!

Actually, it's probably safe to say that most of the boys in the elementary got off easy this year. The girls clearly enjoy performing much more! (I do think Satchel would be great on stage, but his shyness prevails.)

Regardless it was a lovely show, and I think all of the parents were happy with the low key results.


Anonymous said...

It is rather hypocritical to not provide your children with any expectation of religious instruction then get offended when they participate in a Christian-themed song. If your religious beliefs aren't important enough to actually be taught to your children, then what did it matter? It was probably just a song to them.

Stacey Greenberg said...

Anonymous--I hesitate to reply and start a religious discussion here, but I must say that #1 I was not offended. #2 I am teaching my beliefs to my children. #3 It was just a song to them, but it mattered to me.

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